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ABBYY Online - ABBYY Online Services

ABBYY Online is a collection of online services based on ABBYY's award-winning software technologies and products.
Accurate document conversion, translation of words and texts, and other helpful services are available now to all Internet users!

Document Conversion / OCR Service

ABBYY FineReader Online

ABBYY FineReader Online is a Web service based on the famous ABBYY FineReader, an award-winning intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system. With this online OCR service, you can quickly and easily recognize images of scanned or photographed documents and convert them into Microsoft Word, Excel, and other editable formats. It can process documents in 42 languages, including texts written in more than one language. The layout and formatting of the original document will be preserved.

Language Services

ABBYY Lingvo.Pro

ABBYY Lingvo.Pro is a popular electronic dictionary available free of charge to all Internet users. You can translate words and phrases from English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian into Russian and back.


Get fast and high-quality translations from ABBYY Language Services. You can place your order directly on this website. You can also choose the price you pay as well as the date and time of delivery. Our consultants will help you select the type of translation which best suits your needs.

Telephone Interpreting

With the Telephone Interpreting service, you can call your foreign colleagues, partners, and friends without experiencing any language difficulties. A remote interpreter will be connected to the call and will remove the language barrier. Call any country and communicate with your partners in their language!

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